Unique accomodation in
North Karelia

Unique accommodation in North Karelia

In the heart of North Karelia wilderness, Venejoen Piilo, Hideaway, is the place to rest and feel the forest around you. Piilo is small and unique accommodation village. Take a step back from your busy everyday life and reconnect with the wilderness. And what nature you`ll find here! Koli national park, old forests, two unique lakes around and of course lot of activities. We make sure, that everything here is built in a nature respecting ways, sustainable ideas and practise and with local people. For You. Piilo is in an excellent location; less than half hour from Joensuu airport and Koli National Park!

We would like to warmly welcome you as our guest, just as you are. Here you can either find your adventures in the wilderness or long needed peace, just relax.

Can You find your hideaway in Piilo?